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ive done so much work today im so proud of myself

I will actually pay someone to do my geo homework for me right now

There’s this girl sitting near me reading a book and whenever she breathes in she reads out loud and it concerns me and also bothers me A LOT

My school is so New England that we had a lobster bake on the quad

me:can you send me your stuff so i can put the paper together?
group member:yeah
*never gets his stuff*
*hates him forever*

If this kid doesn’t show up to work on our project I will cut him

Finally made an appointment with a psychiatrist. It’s harder than it seems

Someone please help me with my history paper. We have until the 25th

Getting halfway done with a project before realizing you did it wrong

Guy I’ve been crushing on all semester actually knows my name

Fell on the floor in the middle of class today……happy friday

Why do things keep happening to me

Am I dead yet?


Can I be?

Just fell on my face doing yoga and it feels like my jaw is broken (though I’m sure it’s not) and I’m probs gonna have a terrible bruise